For My Father


As the clock just turned past midnight, today is now Father’s Day. As I text my pop at 12:03 this morning, it just dawns on me that I seriously do believe I have the best dear ole dad in the entire universe.

While both my parents grew up with alcoholic fathers, I grew up with a dad who played catch with me, taught me how to ride my bike, to drive my car and to do algebra. I had a dad that would go out in the 95 degree summer heat so I could pelt him with tennis balls as I practiced. I had a dad that stayed up with me til 3 am to help finish my Western Civ. project that I just HAD to do to scale of Stonehenge. I had a dad who’d hide an extra 20 in my purse when I went back to college, just because. I have a dad that will do the interlude at UNI games, even though he looks ridiculous and runs a high risk of throwing out his shoulder and/or back while doing it.

To those that know me, who have ever met me, know that my father is my favorite person. I do not say that one time a year on the day that fits it the most. But rather I’d say it with a gun to my head, with my hand on a bible, unfaltering, unwavering. My pop is the best.

I got the chance to be a part of the conference my dad was chairing this year this past week. It’s a really big deal, and all during the week I met people who know and love my father. And as he passed on the gavel, the new chair replied, “I have never met a better man than Myron Linn.” With my beaming pride and swelling eyes, I thought to myself, no one has.

People always claim that you marry your father, or you marry your mother. While some so often find that disturbing or gross, I cannot tell you how accurate and true I hope that to be. If I find a man with the character, humor, humility and love that I find in my pop then I will have gotten what I wanted. My unrealistic standards in life has not been met, because they’ve been set by my amazing dad. Not only for me, but for my dad’s sister too. She claims to this day that she didn’t marry a guy like her dad- but she married a guy like her brother. I can only hope that one day I will find a guy that can sit down with my pop and gain his approval and love as his son.

Of course, as my father’s daughter, I’m sitting here in tears, thinking of all the memories, the multiple road trips and countless encouragements my dad has given me. I know the constant pride my dad has for both my sister and I and I can’t help thinking how lucky I am to have someone like him love me.

So even though I could write a thousand and one thoughts on here, and pour my heart out (and get snot all over my computer because of it), I’ll stop here and leave you with some of the greatest reasons why my dad, Myron Linn, is by far the greatest of all time.

1) For capturing all of my attitude in its glory on video tape when I played dress up when I was little

2) For playing Memory with me when I was super little and for actually losing at something!

3) For driving across the country twice with me and making those hours some of the most fun I’ve ever spent in a car.

4) For letting me pick the radio station in the car and letting me listen to it as loud as I wanted on our way to the hospital when you were no doubt terrified of my illness.

5) For talking me off the ledge when I legitimately thought I was going to fail accounting while studying abroad and I KNEW I couldn’t pass it in the United States

6) For listening to me when I had a meltdown during finals week when my car got stuck in the snow.

7) For being the first person I want to call when I find out good news

8) For still doing all of your dumb jokes with your glasses and eating something that never get old to me.

9) For finding my humor just as funny as your own.

10) For being the best dad I could have ever asked for. God has truly blessed me with the most amazing father, mentor, guide and friend I could have imagined for myself or anyone else. My pop is the best.

I love you, pop. Happy Father’s Day, today and every day.


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