I am Woman


You are motivated. Educated. Unique and complex. You make decisions in your sleep, walk tall, talk dirty and avoid your ex. You make men bow down before you, as the true queen that you are… you look back, just smile and sigh saying, ‘I still need to go far’. Far beyond imagination, expectations can’t compare, you are tired of the glass at the top of the stairs. You break through the walls, the windows and the doors in others minds, broken glass, broken promises and no need to be kind. You are woman, hear her roar, as you take to your throne. No need for man’s excuses, his opinions won’t condone.  You are mighty, strong and fierce let the other’s hear you shout, “I am woman! Hear me roar, and if you don’t you can get out.” She is vibrant and creative, she is mother, sister, friend. She is everything in you and me, and you and me won’t end. She is woman, hear her roar, at the top of her lungs, til the children are fed then put to bed in the background hearing guns. She’s protector, collector, and director of our spirit, she prays to God and speaks to him when no one else can hear it. Her strength in love is bound not by a man or by her power, but by God who gives her faith and strength in her deepest darkest hour. She is woman, hear her roar, even when it is a whisper. For she is God’s own daughter, your mother, friend, your sister. 


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