i won’t give up


My time here in Atlanta has begun, and it’s started off to a wonderful start. I’m living in a town called Dacula, Georgia, where I have the basement apartment in a house with four dogs, two sugargliders and a pool. I’ll take it, even with the allergies. The family I live with is a wonderful and extremely kind one.

Yesterday, after dropping my father off at the airport, I took a drive over to my new ‘office’, which means my adorable new house in Buckhead, where I’ll be working the next few months. I got to meet my boss and coworkers all of whom seem very sweet and friendly. I shouldn’t have a difficult time fitting in there.

So the first few days in ATL have really gone off without a hitch, and truly I couldn’t be happier. Well wait, that’s not entirely true. Really the biggest thing that’s missing here is Alex. Although we’re still in the time period that we’re accustomed to being apart I feel differently. When I get my phone call my heart skips a little. When I get a text, I get excited, hoping it’s from him.

I miss my man, and it’s only been four days! How is that even possible? I told him earlier yesterday that I couldn’t be happier down here unless he was here. That’s true. The lack of someone to really share with is sucky. I don’t like it.

I know these next few months will be trying for the both of us. It will cause tension and stress, but it will build us closer. I know he loves me, and I love him, and at the end of the day we are stronger together than we are apart. He is what I’ve searched for and I will certainly hold on tight.


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