There is much to be said about time apart. Granted, Alex and I are nearly always apart, with 2 hours separating us, one way. But this past weekend, as I was in DC for work, I noticed a difference in the distance. As we both went about our busy weekends, we rarely got to speak, something that neither of us really enjoy. It was early into Saturday morning that I got my only call of the weekend. It probably consisted of about 4 minutes of conversation before I had to catch my elevator downstairs, but it was that time that I registered just how much I missed this man.

During the course of a month, I typically see Alex twice. Which by no means is a fun number of times, but it is what it is. What I do know though, is that those times are very important to the both of us. So okay, two times a month. Each day we typically talk on the phone once for about a half hour. We don’t get a lot of time between me going to school, work, etc and him working two jobs. We’re busy people after all.

I cherish the phone calls I get at night. A lot. They’re our time to reflect and joke and have fun with each other, since we don’t get our time other ways. Well with only one call while I’m away, I had the opportunity to think about Alex, to think about what we’re doing together, and to think about our relationship. It dawned on me with full impact this weekend, that I do in fact love this man. To feel this way is hard for me, to admit it is even harder. I know I’m moving abroad for a year, and to think that I have someone 5,000ish miles away is a daunting thought. But nonetheless, I love him.

It’s a unique love too, not like usual. I love him with regards to his future, to what his hopes and dreams are. I love his spirit and I constantly am intrigued to know more about him every day. I love him for his drive and his comfort. I love him for his soul.  I do not love him because of physicality. I do not love him because of sex. I love him because he brings me joy. I love him because he would put my dreams in front of his own. I love him because he’s worth loving.


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