to mind or not to mind, that is the question


There’s a belief that says “those who mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind”. It was Dr. Seuss who said that, and while a brilliant man he was, I kind of think he’s wrong. When facing an argument, a disagreement, whatever you’d like to call it, there will always ALWAYS be people that disagree.

There are people out there that mind. I’m one of those people. I mind if someone makes a racial or sexual slur at my friends’ expense. I mind if someone cuts in front of me. I mind if I see someone being treated unfairly. I mind. Does that mean I don’t matter??? When it comes to loving others, I think the biggest thing is to mind. To know that we are in the world and an equal part of it as every other person is here too. Sure, the media would disagree that Blue Ivy Carter is as equally important to the world as I am, but I don’t. I MATTER.

There have been things said by me and by others in and around my life that many have said- it doesn’t matter, don’t mind them. They’re foolish, they don’t know you, they’re just jealous. If we were to take one moment in a day to reflect on how we come off to others, would we be acting the same? I know I’d be changing my words a time or two. Why is minding such a bad thing? I think we have every right to be concerned or hurt by what others say. There are times when I wish someone would mind my business and not just there own. Relationships are what make our world flourish, what kind of world would we be in if we didn’t care about those around us? If we just minded our own business?  I can tell you, I’d be a lot more lonely.

I understand where Dr. Seuss is coming from. People will judge, but more so, people will have concern, people will love and people will show how they feel about you. What’s wrong with that? In a world where so many already feel alone, why NOT mind?  Question why you’re angry with others. Question what the impact of your words have on them? Ask yourself about what you’re saying…because believe it or not, your words do matter.


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