my wonderful friend Darion posted to his Facebook the other day,

“we should all take a second to understand how fortunate we are and be grateful for the lives we live. Try taking some time to reflect on that instead of complaining about the one thing you don’t have. You are blessed somehow in some way.”

Bingo. There are many days I focus on what I don’t have… things like a small figure or a quality relationship. But then I have friends ground me in things said, like this. I have a spectacular family. I have traveled the WORLD. I have supportive and non-judgmental friends. I have a church that has taken me in as family.

The past few weeks, when it comes to my life I haven’t been thinking about what I do have, but what I don’t. That’s selfish of me. I’ve allowed my mistakes and my imperfections to dictate my life a little too much. It was ironic that this has been in my mind so deeply as I sat in church on sunday to start a new series called rescued.  It discussed just that…our mistakes and our inability to keep up with the burden to perform.

I’ve had a lot of things in the past plague me; from depression, to body-image, suicide thoughts, and anxiety. Often times in our past we try to numb the pain, blame it on others, or use pity on ourselves. I’ve used all of them to disguise it.

There’s only one way to conquer your past, and that’s through Jesus. So many people say their past is in the past and they won’t talk about it again. Instead, in Ephesians 2 we are told never to forget what we’ve been rescued from.

I’ve been rescued from some things in my life, and others I haven’t given to God yet. One thing that hit me was when Pastor John said this:

” you’ve been rescued from the past for something…”

For me, that something is for my future. My pastor gave us three reasons why we were rescued and they were:

1- to offer grace to the unrescued

2-to walk beside the unrescued

3-to use our past mistakes to rescue others

I haven’t been rescued from some of my burdens and addictions, and I need others to walk beside me. In other senses, I have been rescued from heartache, depression and suicide. I will not pretend to others that I have things figured out, I do not. But as I sat in church on Sunday, I kept thinking about my purpose, about the lives I’ve impacted and those I’ve helped get rescued.

So to go back to Darion’s Facebook post the other day, I am blessed with the past I have had. I’m blessed with being rescued from my burdens and I’m blessed with people that need help with the same things that I can lend my journey to. I’m blessed with a future career that will change lives, like mine was changed before them…and most of all, I’m blessed in knowing that I’m rescued.

For more readings see:

Matthew 26:26, Revelations 1:4, Ephesians 1: 6-8, Phillipians 3:13, Luke 9:62 and John 21:15.


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