to old and new friends


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, and as always, I feel guilty about it. Writing is my release, plus my life is taking a new direction in the new year. It’s 2012, but before I continue I have to recap the finality of 2011.

December 15 was awesome. It marked the homecoming of two of my best friends and they loved Thessaloniki, as I knew they would. CJ’s family, Trevor and several of our friends went for a giant greek dinner at the Olympic Flame, which was wonderful, the night ended in ouzo shots and everyone was happy. My life felt on track. Well, sort of. Previously in the week, I met a guy, one that seemed to have things together, motivated, etc- and we went on a date. It was refreshing to know a man can actually still ask a girl on a proper date like he’s supposed to, however, he broke a rule of mine… and this is a reference to any man who ever will or has read my blog- don’t say I love you to a person within two weeks of knowing them. Never. Even if you feel that way, don’t say it. The cap of early “I love you’s” is 1 month. Don’t break it. So things there, aren’t really going forward.

Christmas was a big day for me. I was around family and friends and had a wonderful time, but I had a spare moment throughout my day to send my wishes east to Greece. I broke down and wrote Kostas. I hadn’t heard from him in months, since I’d left Greece in fact, and didn’t in my life expect to hear from him, but for the last several years he and I always exchange Christmas wishes to each other, so as the sentimental person I am, I wrote him. It was short and sweet, nothing gushing or anything and sent it his way. I didn’t plan to hear back, but a few short hours later- there it was.

“kala xristougenna glukia mou…thank you for your wishes…i want to also wish you the best, be always good…filkia pollaaaaaaaaaaa”

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My heart broke again just in that instant. I took a moment, and collected my mind just thinking, ‘he didn’t choose you.’ He didn’t choose me. I was okay after that moment. I was given love for a while, and that love went away. Bottom line, it wasn’t me. It wasn’t me who he wanted. I had the opportunity to visit a dear friend of mine this weekend.

To celebrate the new year, my roommate, Megan, and I decided to go to Michigan where we stayed with my friend Nate, who worked at the US Olympic Committee with me. It had been over a year since we last saw each other, so we figured a reunion was a fitting way to start 2012.

Nate and his friends reminded me of several things. 1) that friendships are extremely powerful and exceedingly important in our lives and 2) that gentlemen still exist.

It was so special to witness Nate and his boys. Meg and I were two girls among 6 men- all bonded through each other. Nate, Nick, Gianni, Rory, Tom, and Brett- are the epitome of men’s friendship. They bust each others chops, protect each other and look out for one another. These men were so definitive in their relationships with one another, each connected to the other through high school or college friendship. These men have lasted the test of time, with years behind them and miles between them. Rory’s in Colorado, Tom’s in D.C. and Brett’s in Tennessee. Spread across a map? Doesn’t matter. They are bonded. Those boys were more concerned with each other on NYE than tapping ass. They put the idea of bros before ho’s to life. That’s something I think is so important and key to a happy life with good friendships.

To make light of gentlemen…I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I witnessed a man hold a door open. Since a man paid for a meal just because he can. At least I can’t remember a man other than my dad doing it, but I saw that in Michigan this weekend. Nate treated us so generously, and so did his friends. With warm welcomes and open arms, they were such genuine people. I am so proud to know such people. I have the best luck in finding friends.

This year started off with new and old friends (good job to whomever wrote auld lang syne, ya hit that nail on the head for the New Year) in a reunion…I hope the rest of 2012 follows in those steps. Tonight I’m feeling hopeful for the new year, in knowing there are good men in the world that are kind and genuine.



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