Greek missin’ kind of week


I’ve been a bad blogger. Like a REALLY bad blogger. I’m so so sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I’m swamped with homework that I should be doing but instead I chose tonight to be the night I return back to my blog.

Why tonight? Because today was one of those days that you just feel lucky to be alive, despite the fact that you have 70 hours of homework to do and you should be crying because of it. Not today, too perfect of a day.

That’s how Greece felt to me.

My darling friends CJ and Trevor are now living in Thessaloniki, and they love it. I am the proudest mama in the world. They’ve already before lifetime Paok fans and they’ve already fallen in love with the city. It truly has the capability to transform your world and it’s done it for these two and I’m thrilled for them. I live vicariously through their pictures daily. Though it makes me miss it more and more.

I’ll be going back again in December to visit them before they come back to the states. We’ll have our greek rendezvous as we so dreamt after my finals finish in early December. Could I be more excited about it? Absolutely not.

The last time I wrote about my life in detail I think it was about my career aspirations, and that was to work for Paok. Those aren’t the aspirations anymore. After working with CJ and Trevor to get them prepared for their trip abroad I realized how much joy it brought me seeing two other people get the chance for a life changing experience abroad. I knew then what my true calling was. Sure, sports are one of my many passions, but I know I’ll get so much fulfillment out of working with students every day getting them abroad. Study Abroad Director sounds pretty damn nice to me.

So that’s exactly what I intend on doing. I’ll pursue my graduate degree in International Business at ESC Rennes next year and return the following year to search for my dream job in the pacific Northwest.

Greece is still a possibility for my future. I’m not ruling it out. But first I have to master my language and then I’ll really consider my options in moving abroad. In the meantime, starting my career in the U.S. seems like the best choice for me.

In other news, this week has been an intense Greece missing kind of week. It was made worse by this weekend when my sister and I went to Gardens of Salonica, an absolutely AMAZING Greek restaurant in Minneapolis, for dinner. We had Gyros, mousaka, souvlaki, tatziki and pita and boughatsa all with malamatina retsina wine to wash it down. It was epic. In the background played Mixalis Xatzigiannis, the love of my life. I could have died happy that night. It was perfect for me. Absolute perfection. Not to mention the prices were awesome, I highly suggest it!

Anyway, I vow to be better at blogging, hopefully at LEAST once a week from now on, because I can’t leave this behind. I’m doing you all a disservice. So to make it up to you, here’s the new video of Xatzigiannis, which in my opinion is awesome. I love it.




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