changes stay the same


today was the beginning to what I assume will be an amazing trip. I took a walk down by the board walk all the way to the white tower where I sat with so much joy overlooking the city.

This is my city. The place I love. It was amazing to see how much it’s changed due to the economy. Had I just been another visitor I would never notice, but some favorite restaurants and stores were closed. I couldn’t believe it. Even on the boardwalk, the place with the most business has places shutting down. The metro system which was being built when I studied here in 2009, was supposed to be finished in 2011, still is not done.

But this city that’s changed has also stayed so rooted in the same things. They’re still packed into cafes throughout the day, still cat calling ‘koritsi mou’ ‘koukla mou’ after, strolling the water, sipping their frappe and smoking their cigarette. It’s comforting really.

I sat at the white tower today, taking it all in, writing and reading. As I read, there was a young couple, still in their teens probably no older than 16 or 17, sitting across from me that were so caught up in their own world I was drawn to them. It was intoxicating to watch them together. It was so clear to me that they loved each other, so clear they didn’t care who saw it. I loved it. It reminded me of Kostas. How much passion there is between us. I finally will be reunited with Kostas tonight, after over a year and a half. I can’t wait to kiss him like that young couple were at the white tower.  My love. I’m thrilled.

the day has finally come  🙂


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