the real deal


I’m having difficulty sleeping. A lot of difficulty. I go to bed thinking about one thing, and I wake up thinking about one thing. Greece. 14 days. I have 14 days to prepare myself to see the love of my life.

By the time I’m back I’ll be posting plenty of pictures, so while I’d love to keep you all still wondering which guy I fell for, I’m going to tell you. I fell in love with Kostas. He is the greatest man I’ve ever known (not including my father and his father). So today, I’ll tell you how we met.

One night, Lauren, Vana, Chrysanthi, Simone and myself went out to a taverna in Athenos for dinner. It was just a simple girls night out for dinner, there was little intention of going out to party afterward. However, when a group of 5 American girls is out in Thessaloniki, they tend to get noticed. We did get noticed that night, by a group of 6 Greek men, also out for dinner. They came over to our table to chat, and by the end of the night, we were smoking hookah with them.

Things went normally- them asking us questions, us asking them- then one guy asks how to spell our names. He wanted to add us to Facebook. His name was Kostas. So the next day we got friend requests, and of course they were from him. So being the American college girl that I am, I of course facebook stalked the crap out of him the second I confirmed his friendship.

After going through his information I knew a little bit to start a conversation, but I found his birthday was the day after mine. This would be the beginning link between Kosta and I.

At the time I met Kosta I was dating Xristos, and was pretty set in my ways. There’d be countless nights when I’d be out with Xristo his friend’s and mine and I’d get an sms from Kosta. I had to avoid him like the plague for weeks. He was pursuing me in the worst way and I was secretly loving it. It was only after the urgings of my friends (after seeing how ridiculously attractive he is) that I agreed to a date with him.

Our first date was one of the best nights of my life. He took me to a cafe/bar on the water north of Thessaloniki, where we sat and talked about ourselves, our schooling, music and art, our families and our dreams. We continued the night along the boardwalk just feet from the water. We held hands as we moved closer together, and finally we stopped.

This was the moment. He drew me in for the kiss. I was terrified.

I learned from being with Xristos that Greek men are extremely aggressive kissers. Like, to the point of swallowing your face. I like an aggressive kiss, but come on..I do like to breathe. My fear was unwarranted. Kosta’s kiss melted my entire body. I was on fire from head to toe. So to spare you all the details, we kissed a lot. When he drove me back to my apartment we couldn’t contain ourselves. We blocked the street with his car and got honked at. He moved it to another location, he begin making out again, and again- we block the street only to be later honked at. This happened 3 times. I could have stayed in that car forever. But after the third time, it was time to say goodbye.

This date will go down in my record books. Not just for being such a good ending, but for being one of the most surreal and genuine moments of my life. I fell in love this night. I will never, ever forget it.

There are days even now when I wake up and think it was all a dream. A man so special would fall in love with me? Somehow, he did. I have no clue what I did to deserve it, but I am grateful for it every day. Kosta is my love. He is my gem. He is what keeps me going day and night. I keep my phone on ring at night in case he calls on Skype. I write him almost daily, in hopes for a message when he finally gets internet again. I wake thinking of him, and I fall asleep thinking of him.

This may be the ridiculously hopeless romantic in me, but I do believe I’ll marry him. We’ve seen each other once in the last 2 and a half years, and in 14 days I’ll see him once more. To think it was a year and a half ago when I last kissed him, touched him. It breaks my heart. But every time I see a message in my inbox, or my Skype light up, my world is alright. Even though there’s still 2 years between me moving back to Greece, I know we can make it. I’ve got the real deal.


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