the word master


I have always been in love with words. I have journals dating back to 2nd grade, with little poems and entries that are still priceless to me. The things I always treasure most are stored in several boxes that have my old journals, notebooks, cards and letters in them. I save almost everything I write, at least I have saved every journal entry I’ve written since about 6th grade. Now, as a 22-year-old, I still write in a journal from time to time, but for all practical purposed, I generally stick to online writing, and most recently, blogging. Writing is not the only way I love words, in more recent years I became obsessed with reading. After I got back from Thessaloniki, travel books became my vice of choice. After reading The Lost Girls,, I became obsessed with a word.

Then after seeing the movie Eat, Pray, Love (read the book, I’ve heard it’s better- and don’t worry it’s on my list), I realized that I did not have a word. As Liz finds in Eat, Pray, Love her word is attraversiamo, meaning let’s cross over. I love this word, a lot.

But for me to copy a book just wouldn’t be as special. So I began to think…what is my word? It’s not just simply Greece, or Thessaloniki. Those are words that define me, that make my heart happy- but they don’t encompass all of what I am about. No. What would my word be? I wanted a word that would encompass my passion for life and love, my sense of adventure, and the sheer joy I find in travel. I had my word, but it lacked one very important part of my life. Where was my heart? Where was Greece? It wasn’t there, so instead I had a friend of mine help me translate to its closest relative of a word. No thanks to my lack of Greek language (thanks Rosetta Stone, I’m working on ya)- I didn’t know the equivalent. But luckily I had Apostolos to help me. My word is ταξιδιαρης, said “takseethiaris”. It’s a slang word meaning- (according to my dear friend Apostolos) the one who loves to travel; or to Google translate- wandering.

Either way you translate it, it’s my perfect word- the closest translation of the English word Wanderlust. It encompasses my passion for life and love with -lust, and my need for adventure and travel with wander-. Finally it’s in Greek. What better a word to describe who I am? A wanderer. That is definitely my word, ταξιδιαρης.


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