my independence nightmare, part I


So here in the United States, and specifically central time, it’s still technically the 4th of July. The fourth, as most of you should/do know, is the date marked for our nation’s independence. Well although it’s been a beautiful and fun patriotic day, this blog is about Greece, and so I’d like to tell you about my experience in Greece on their independence day, March 25. Greek Independence is a pretty big deal and so for my friends and I, we felt it necessary to make a week celebration out of one day. It went very well until March 23.

Lauren, Chrysanthi, Simone, Xristos the beard (my Xristos), Xristos the bald, Kostas (Lauren’s, not mine) Narek and I, all decided that this particular Monday night was a great time to go out to celebrate Independence week. Let me preface the rest of this story by saying I do not condone heavy drinking and partying while in college. That is not the point of an education…however, time abroad can lead to Monday night drinking. I accepted it, and you as my readers should too.

Well, as you all know (at least those of you who read this blog on a regular basis), Xristos and I were a thing. At the time, Chrysanthi was also talking to Narek and was contemplating getting in his pants (sorry to put it so abruptly). So, after a night out drinking and dancing, we ended up at Xristos the beard and Narek’s apartment, which was a few blocks from where we had gone out. May I remind you all that Greek bars typically open around 11 and do not close until around 6-8 in the morning. At the point we got back to the boys’ apartment, it was around 3-5 am…(sorry for the vague account). At the time, my Xristos also lived upstairs in the same building as Xristos the bald and Narek.

This was the moment I had told myself a zillion times before that I would NOT get myself into. I was also, spending the night, with a Greek man. Oops. Well okay, 1- let me say that I love this man 2-let me say that he is very charming and 3- let me say that when in Greece, sometimes you get carried away. I got carried. So alright, I will not give any specific details, only to say that things happened and it came to the point where I condom was needed. I, being the good little college sophomore that I was, refused sans condom (pats self on back). My mind was still keeping that STD statistic in its bank. So nothing happened, Xristos being the gentleman that he is withdrew and accepted his defeat…or so I thought.

At this point in the night, things got hazy. Shortly after this occurrence, Xristos asked me if I’d like anything to drink. Being as drunk as I had been I of course jumped at the chance for some apple juice. So he brought me a glass. After finishing off the drink, we both fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to a terrible pain. I immediately was alarmed and tried to rehash the entire night before. There he was right beside me, sleeping like an angel, so of course, I wasn’t about to wake him up. Then I thought, what happened last night? I remembered everything up until the apple juice…then it hit me. Oh my God aka OMG (also said as oh me gee, as my dear friend xristos the bald says), the last thing I remember is the apple juice. I think to myself, was I drugged and raped???? I kept thinking to myself, no that’s not possible Xristos is far too sweet of a man, a teddy bear, who would never hurt a fly, let alone, me.

After being in such pain I panicked. I immediately called Chrysanthi, who did end up staying at Narek’s (the little tsoula) and told her we needed to leave. Well okay, the leaving part didn’t happen until I had Xristos storm down to Narek’s apartment and wake them up. Then we left. So, on the bus ride home Chrysanthi and I were talking about our separate rendezvous’ the night before and laughed as we went back to our apartments. I luckily did not have class until 3 that afternoon, so of course I went back to bed for a few hours when I returned. I tried to ignore the pain until I fell asleep and luckily, it worked. I woke up in 10 times the pain.

Now I was livid. That bastard Xristos DID rape me!! I’m going to kill that sneaky asshole and feed him to his yia yia. Again though, I came to my senses and realized, “no Jacci, Xristo did not rape you.”

Alright, so I went to school the next day (Tuesday, March 24) and went to philosophy class. The pain as I road the bus to school got sharper and sharper, but still, I tried to ignore it. It was about 10 minutes into class before I stood up and said, “Professor Muller, there’s something wrong with me, I’ll try to come back, but this has nothing to do with your teaching.”  Awesome, I think, even as a sicky I try to suck up.

I went downstairs to the bathroom where I tried to throw up. It didn’t work, so instead I lie on the floor, writhing in pain. I ended up crawling out of the bathroom to the study abroad office…well, this is the day before Independence, we need to take the afternoon off, so no one was there. I thought I was going to die. So, I again crawl my ass down the hall to the main office and beg for help. The main office assistant called the campus doctor, who of course, too took the day off early. Sons of bitches Greek people never working when I need them!! OH man I literally thought my insides were being shredded. I had never felt this way before. Death. Pure and resounding death is what I thought was coming. I was wrong, luckily. They got the doctor on the phone to talk to me about my symptoms and I explained…She told me it could be two things.

I’m over 1000 words and it’s now July 5th. If you want to know what two things it could have been and what happened to me and my nightmare of a March 25, come back tomorrow for the finishing post. Trust me, it’s entertaining.

Until then, Good Night/Kalhvixta. 


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