this little life of mine


I lived in Greece.

I am 22 years old and I moved half way around the world to a foreign country where I knew no one.

My best friend/roommate got into a horrible argument with her mom tonight about money. I’m sure pretty much every college student at some time or another has had an argument exactly like this with their parents. I too have had this talk…I think 3 times.

I am blessed, it hit me tonight. I literally feel as though I should send a thank you card to my parents saying “thank you for giving me the ability to dream”. It’s something I have realized throughout my years, but I remembered again tonight.

I, as a poor college kid, am still richer than 97% of the entire world. Let that blow your mind. My parents are both steady, predictable people, who raised me, probably one of the most unpredictable people you could ever meet. They raised a kid that truly believed she could fly, and has the scars to prove it. That’s the beauty of what my parents gave me. They gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams. Not only have they helped support me financially but they have truly helped build my mind to be a dreamer.

With books of adventure when I was little, to the beautiful opportunity to choose whatever major and career I wanted, my parents have been there while I went through stages of wanting to be a taxi driver, a balloon seller, an interior designer and now- a sports publicist. It’s the dream that keeps me working hard every day. It’s also the dream that keeps my parents prouder than can be of their kid.  Greece continues to prove in opening my eyes. I never realized how much I really truly loved my family until I left. Not only did Greece give me realization of myself, but it gave me the realization of those close to me then and those close to me at home. I have surrounded myself with the best people in the world and no one can ever take that away from me. I’m a 22 year old kid who’s never said no to a dream. My life is beautiful.


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