live your myth



It’s something we all have deep inside of us (insert dirty joke here). It’s that need to achieve, to prove to everyone else we can do something, and I have it. I’m a public relations major so I’ve had my fair share of communication theories, acceptance theories…etc, etc. It’s ridiculous. One theory came from McLelland’s need for achievement which I learned about in Consumer Behavior, taught by what I am convinced is the most hated man in all of Iowa.

Anyway, McLelland’s need for achievement basically is a form of testing how motivated a person is. Well this evil professor of ours had us take this test. He then read us the results. He said he typically has one person who is high need for achievement. Guess who that little gumdrop was?  Yup, you guessed it, me.

This was no surprise to me, nor anyone in that class that has known me for more than a semester. I am highly motivated. Not for the typical dream though.

My motivation is Greece. 

Every day I wake up (and this is not an exaggeration) and think of Greece. I think of how much money I have left to save for that plane ticket. I think about moving back for good. I think of him. I think of the termoil that’s plaguing my beloved country. I think of my happiest days. Mostly, I think of one saying my friend Xristos (not the same one I fell for) told me, when I went stepped off the train to visit his hometown of Xanthi for Carnival celebration. He said this:

“Jacci, are you ready to live your myth?”

And it was at that moment that my motivation changed. I even had to ask him again when he said to me, in all honestly shocked by the eloquence of his words. And he said it again- “Are you ready to live your myth in Greece?” My answer was simple, a pause at first, then a simple yes. My motivation every day is to live that myth. So much so that I plan to tattoo it on myself. I pray  I don’t lose that motivation. That belief that my life, my myth will continue in the place that I love, with the man that I love.  It’s pretty powerful that motivation. Good thing I’m one of those McLelland’s high-need to achieve people…


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