Lauren Stockwell, Chrysanthi Karpouzis, Lauren Vana, Simone Miliaresis, Valerie Eckhart, Olga Panagopolis, me, and Allison Ryans

These are most of the women that played a crucial role in my life those first 6 months in Thessaloniki. So let me introduce you to my parea, or in english- my close friends.

Lauren Stockwell– She is amazing. From Kansas, she is a fireball of laughter and storytelling. She snores like a man and hates waking up in the morning. She’s got a heart of gold and I could see her every day for the rest of my life and never tire of it.

Chrysanthi Karpouzis– obviously, she’s Greek. From Boston, her last name means watermelon. Best moment I’ve ever had with her was easily her 20th birthday. I will never forget what I can remember of it.

Lauren Vana– goes by Vana, from Chicago. Vana is a crazy bitch and my partner in crime to ditch the craziest girl ever. She now lives in South Korea and I miss the crap out of her. “This bitch!”

Simone Miliaresis- obviously, she’s also Greek. From New Jersey, and has the thickest accent to prove it. She says wooder for water. She is so sweet but in the end she’ll tell you to “you do you bro”. She’s refreshing as shit and will always tell it like it is.

Olga Panagopolis– again, is Greek. From Boston as well and is so so sweet. She’s Allison’s best friend and they are the fun twins.

Allison Ryans– from Boston, my comic relief. She makes the best faces and she cracks me up. She loves to dance and go crazy and is one of the greatest people I’ve ever met.

OK- so I’m missing some of my other favorite people-

Jacqueline Chambers- was my roommate, the ultimate sorority girl, from Boston and the greatest example of what is opposite of me but perfect for me. She is a diva and a queen and absolutely amazing.

Alyssa Cashman and Jillian Newsam were Jacqueline’s best friends, and in turn became some of mine. Alyssa is a fellow Iowan and she’s so realistic I could die. LOVE her. Jill is my little bean. She’s teeny tiny and has the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. She’s from Florida and if I could mail her to myself, I would.

Finally there’s Sarah Sallee. She’s from Indiana, and absolutely boy crazy…which could be annoying, but also extremely fun. She became my partner in going out, in shopping and in everything else. She’s precious and I can’t wait to see her again.

Jill, Alyssa, Sarah, and Jacqueline
I thank God every day for these women, they made my life so much greater and have enriched me for the better. Throughout this blog you’ll hear stories about each of these ladies, so for reference sake, you know who they are now.

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