not your average sisterhood of the traveling pants


Before I left Iowa, nearly every person I knew told me: “You’re going to go to Greece, meet some beautiful man, fall madly in love and never come back to Iowa.” In no way was that going to happen…at least so I thought. I must preface this statement with the fact that I do not believe in fairy tales. I’m extremely independent, have little luck with love and do not believe in the notion that I would be swept off my feet like in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. That isn’t my reality, hell, that’s no one’s reality.

Going to Greece I was a single, almost 20-year-old girl, looking for fun and adventure. I was NOT looking for a boyfriend. First of all, Greece has one of the highest if not THE highest STD rate in the world and is also the most sexually active of any country. While the second fact does not bother me, I was not going to become the notch on some man’s bedpost as he seduces the naive American girl and gives her herpes. Nope, I am not that stupid. I was going to be single, and I was okay with that.

Okay, so I was a bit naive, but in a different way. Little did I know how many good men there are in Greece (with no STDs), and little did I know that I would fall for two of them. Yes, two. The first was named Xristos. The second named Kostas. Even littler (totally not a word) did I know that I would fall in love. I thought my plan for Greece was to be single, learn to appreciate myself alone and grow in self discovery. Well alright, I totally did those things (minus the single part) but I also did much more.

The two men I met in Greece helped me learn more about myself than I thought possible. They taught me valuable lessons about love and acceptance of self. And one of them, taught me what love really meant. I’ll let you guess which one. One of these love stories continues, and it will be one long-lived through the length of this blog.

But more love stories come later. The next blog is about introductions.

-I feel the need to post this video, cause frankly it’s too fun for me not to. I will make some comments. 

1- The guy who plays Kosta in this movie is not Greek

2- The guy who plays Kosta in this movie has a terrible Greek accent

3- Thessaloniki does not look like Santorini

4- When you’re directly talking to someone like- Xristos or Kostas- you drop the ‘s’. If you are talking about them, you keep this ‘s’. Lena doesn’t know this. 


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