Meet me in Thessaloniki


This is my city, Thessaloniki. Well ok, it’s not my city yet, but it will be. I studied in Thessaloniki as a Sophomore in college, and after six months of falling in love with the country of Greece, I was sold. Thessaloniki became part of my heart. I have absolutely zero Greek blood in me, nope…I’m half Irish and half German, but that doesn’t deter from the fact that I AM GREEK. Being Greek is not necessarily about your heritage, though many Greeks would disagree with me, it’s about the way you live your life. It’s the way you appreciate family, love friends and enjoy a day on the boardwalk. It’s about celebrating and loving those around you, embracing every memory you make and taking advantage of the beauty, history and love all around you. Never in my life have I felt so at home in a place I’d never been. This blog is dedicated to telling my story, my love affair with Thessaloniki, Greece.  One day, maybe, you’ll meet me in Thessaloniki.


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